Dear publishers and information suppliers

Growing competition and change in communication landscape call for new channels of products distribution, appealing to brand new target audience, widening of interest area at the world information market.

We offer you a channel for promoting your titles to leading edge markets with the help of information platform Eurasian Press.

The key aim of the project is to distribute electronic versions of the leading newspapers and magazines from CIS, Eastern European, Baltic countries, Central Asia and Transcaucasia to universities, libraries, and research centres worldwide. Assumed target audience includes libraries, research institutions and scholars professionally interested in these regions.

We invite you to join our project and to get:

  • Ready tool for electronic version creation and distribution;
  • Additional source of revenue;
  • Appeal to new readership;
  • Geographical expansion of the edition
  • Increase in source popularity;
  • Raising brand appeal of your publication to owners of world and national brands;
  • Access to the content of Eurasian Press platform.

We are open to any cooperation and ready to work with each publisher by specific scheme. To learn more about adding your electronic content to Eurasian Press platform, please write us at or complete the registration form.

You can alson check the test version of Publisher's Cabinet

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